Your Health Coordinator

Gustav aims to create a positive health experience for every citizen by promoting accessibility, quality, safety and continuity of services through its unique ability to coordinate care and support the right services, to the right people, at the right time.

Best practices in health, clinical relevance and continuous improvement are the pillars of the Gustav platform, from health promotion and clinical prevention to the delivery of general and specialized care and services.

  • Coordination of Clinical Trajectories
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines & Decision Support
  • Analytics & Measurement
  • Interoperability


Gustav offers standardized and relevant clinical information according to the state of health and the needs of each citizen.

It promotes access to the right service and the right time.


Gustav generates clinical trajectories and suggests optimal interventions dynamically.

It generates a positive citizen experience, from health promotion and clinical prevention to general and specialized services.


Gustav offers proven best practices and validated clinical relevance through outcome measurement.

It enhances the safety of care and mitigates clinical risks along the citizen's continuum of services.


Gustav ensures the continuity of relevant clinical information between clinicians and the various points of service.

It avoids the breakage of services by coordinating the care of citizens in an optimal continuum of services.

Dynamic Coordination

Trajectoires cliniqus continuum de services continuité informationnelle
  • Based on health promotion, clinical prevention and care delivery best practices
  • Interdisciplinary and dynamic clinical coordination
  • Mobility for the delivery of care and services to citizens
  • Clinical relevance through outcome measurement
  • Measure oriented towards a predictability approach