Hospitalis change la vie!

HOSPITALIS, a private company founded in 2007, specializes in the health sector through the valorization, engineering and implementation of modern and proven clinical solutions.

With a local, national and international reach, HOSPITALIS aims to collaborate on the quality and continuity of care for citizens by assisting health service providers in the continuous improvement of processes and practices in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of clinical relevance.

Specifically, through its Gustav digital health coordination platform, HOSPITALS offers a comprehensive, citizen-centered, interdisciplinary solution that coordinates health care and services along the continuum through planned clinical trajectories.


Changing life by shaping the health sector for the future!

Become a world-class leader in adaptable digital solutions for coordinating care and health services.


Ensure sustainable growth through the design and implementation of innovative and adaptable digital solutions for the health sector. Achieve the highest level of satisfaction for our customers while ensuring our employees a work environment conducive to creativity.

Value Creation

Create a positive healthcare service experience for citizens and clinicians by efficiently coordinating health promotion, clinical prevention and care delivery while directing the relevant intervention and information to the right people, at the right place, and at the right time.