Our Markets

The increase and complexity of the clientele, particularly due to the aging of the population and the incidence of chronic diseases, creates a constant pressure on health service providers. In this context, an integrated vision of health services to the population is required. This vision of integration requires information continuity while maintaining a high standard of quality and security of services offered to citizens.

Health service providers, whether they work in living environments, in clinics, in institutions as well as in long-term care homes, need this information continuity. The Gustav platform, with its high capacity for adaptability, offers a range of tools for longitudinal coordination of health services with a continuous improvement approach.

Moreover, Gustav is innovating in the field of chronic disease management. The first integrated platform for interdisciplinary follow-up of patients with chronic illness in Canada, Gustav offers 11 trajectories from primary care services, in family medicine and home care, so that they can be accessible and adaptable to the delivery of general and specialized services in living environments and long-term care.

Healthcare Network

Quality and excellence of care and services to the population

Coordinate healthcare services through the planning of clinical trajectories and the continuum of services.

  • Coordination of interdisciplinary care from the primary care services
  • Implementation of personalized clinical trajectories, supported by best practices in prevention and clinical relevance
  • Continuous improvement of clinical processes and practice development
  • Support for an experience of self-care and citizen engagement in its continuum of services

Retirement Residences

Maintaining autonomy and quality of life

Optimization of the prevention and coordination of the health of retirement residences customers and home care services.

  • Personalized follow-up of the evolution of the health of your customers
  • Better knowledge of your customers and their health care needs
  • Assurance of a high standard of quality of health services
  • Improving your customer experience

Long-term Care

Considerate and high-quality service delivery

Coordination of the management of care and services for various clients with complex needs in long-term care homes.

  • Implementation of clinical trajectories by customer grouping
  • Customizing the coordination of care and services according to the specific needs of your clients
  • Continuous improvement of the quality and security of service delivery
  • Support a positive customer experience
  • Proven multidisciplinary health coordination platform
  • Deployed in various clinical settings (hospital, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation, retirement residences, etc.)
  • Deployed in various specialties (geriatrics, neuroscience, traumatology, pediatrics, etc.)