One of the competitive advantages of HOSPITALIS’s ECA solutionslies on its HEPTA6Methodology.In order to assure adaptability through self-configuration and effective implementation, the dematerialization of information is facilitated owing to a library of over 10 000 normalized clinical observations and a catalogue of practice guides produced by teaching university hospitals. The dematerialized information is then harmonized with respect to each discipline’s clinical logic by taking into account the clinical pathway intervention. By doing so, information is standardized and structured in order to ensure uniformity and a common terminology aimed at supporting the interdisciplinary approach among multidisciplinary teams and facilitating system interoperability.

Consistent with HOSPITALIS’s approach, the healthcare provider will be able to view key performance indicators (KPI) presented, under various dimensions, through dashboards in order to better measure the clinical and managerial outcomes for improving clinical processes and eventually establishing some best practices driven by evidence-based medicine.

ECA solutions offer a new-generation user-friendly interface. The healthcare provider can configure and personalize the solutions based on thier practices without HOSPITALIS’s involvement. ECA solutions give complete autonomy to the healthcare provider when it comes to creating and modifying all elements of the implementation of patient’s pathway.