Digital Health Coordination Platform

Gustav is a comprehensive interdisciplinary platform that coordinates citizen-centered health care and services across the continuum, including its living environment, through planned clinical trajectories.


The high adaptability of the Gustav platform addresses a variety of settings, contexts, and clinical needs for health coordination, clinical record keeping, practice guidelines, and measurement.

Each establishment develops its full autonomy on its clinical contents and guidelines.


Designed by clinicians for clinicians, the Gustav platform offers a high level of user-friendliness that respects the clinical logic of multidisciplinary teams.

Its user-friendliness is confirmed by an adoption rate of more than 94%. The work of clinicians and the standards of their practices are respected.


Developed on the basis of modern technologies, the Gustav platform enables mobile services to be provided through access to functionalities and relevant information depending on the context of the intervention, including the living environments.

Accessible on tablets or smart phones, Gustav offers a great mobility to clinical teams.


The Gustav platform is open and interoperable in terms of contextualization and integration with third-party systems. Interoperability based on industry standards (HL7, FHIR, SOA).

In a perspective of enhancing existing information assets, Gustav platform is in harmony with current solutions.

Proven in a variety of clinical settings, the Gustav platform is highly adaptable to address a variety of clinical contexts and needs for interventions coordination, clinical record keeping, practice guidelines and measurement. Thus, the Gustav platform offers all the functionalities required for health coordination in the form of integrated modules.

Gustav Coordinates

Coordinated Service Delivery

Dynamic coordination through the planning of clinical trajectories, the management of assignments and the follow-up of the interventions to be performed.

Gustav Documents

Paperless Environment

Complete clinical record keeping supporting multidisciplinary clinical documentation as structured and standardized digital forms.

Gustav Guides

Implementation of Best Practices

Standardization of clinical practices through the management and dissemination of practice guidelines and clinical decision support.

Gustav Measures

Continuous Improvement

Analysis, measurement, and observation of performance indicators and continuous improvement through various dashboards and reports.

Gustav Interoperates

Optimizing Information Assets

Entirely open solutions for bidirectional integration and contextualization with existing systems based on health industry standards (HL7, FHIR, SOA).